Web GIS Applications

As the Internet has become the primary mean of information handling, this enabled GIS applications that run on Internet environment to make their appearance, thus enabling users to not only view vector geographic data through a simple Web Browser, but also to make spatial analysis and management of that information, to create "smart" dynamic maps with the desired levels of information, to seek optimal routes in a city, choose the branch creation position based on municipal graphics criteria and get results on a map or in a data sheet .

INFODIM is the first company in Greece that installed GIS on the Internet, thus confirming its strategic position in the market of GIS

Some of the web GIS applications developed by the company are:

  • Geoprtal of EGNATIA ODOS S.A.
  • Integrated Information Management System for Sports and Cultural Facilities of the Municipality of Thassos
  • WebGIS Application for the management of municipalities assets (lamp Posts, Waste buckets, Water Meters etc)
  • WebGIS Applicaiotn for the managemet of complaints in Municipalities
  • WebGIS application to manage the municipality works
  • WebGIS application for the management of disabilities infrastructure in municipalities
  • Geographic search of business members of Kavala chamber application 
  • Geographic search of business members of Evros chamber application 
  • Web GIS for Municipality of Western Achaia
  • Web GIS for Municipality of Amfipoli
  • Web GIS for the town of Kavala
  • Web GIS for fire protection of Mount Vora
  • Web GIS for Enviromental GIS of Kastoria
  • Web GIS for fire protection of Grammos and many more