Real Estate GIS

As the land market enters in a new era in Greece, the need for more complete data organization, faster information flow, development of real estate and faster transactions becomes more intense.

The competitive environment in the field of Real Estate and the need for proper utilization of real estate (especially the government one), creates the need for an integrated management of this information with Geographical Information Systems.

In GIS, objective value zones, building conditions, city plan limits, are recorded and properties for purchase / sale, including photos and video, aerial photographs, data from the region's infrastructure (schools, bus routes, health service, parks, playgrounds, etc.) are reflected on the map.

The whole organization is in a single system and is managed either on a local network or on a Web environment.

Some indicative areas of application of Real Estate GIS systems are:

  • Real estate companies
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Regions
  • Municipalities