Logistics - Fleet Management

The Design for the best routes of a vehicle fleet for the distribution of products, is one of the major problems for logistics managers of any modern business. INFODIM provides effective solutions in this field through GIS software.

The objective of “best route planning” applications is based on:

1st) Existing customer orders, priority of orders, desired time customer service

2nd) The available fleet, the capacities of each vehicle, operating and vehicle maintenance cost estimates (eg cost per km), personnel costs (payroll, overtime, etc.)

3rd) The existing structure of the city roads, traffic regulations, and a number of other parameters in order to make routing and scheduling of vehicles, by locating on the map the best route to achieve minimization of transportation and distribution costs.

Indicative areas of application are:

  • Food distribution companies (milk, juice, soft drinks, etc.)
  • Transport services
  • Frozen products distribution companies
  • Courier companies
  • Cigarette distribution companies
  • Fuel distribution companies
  • Private schools (pickup and return students with school buses)
  • Pharmaceutical companies

In the field of telematics and intelligent transport systems, INFODIM confirms its leadership in providing complete solutions for vehicle tracking and fleet management needs in real time.

Therefore an adequate equipment is installed on each vehicle that detects the location of the vehicle, which is then send to the Control Centre and is displayed on the map of GIS. The vehicles can be found in land, sea or air, and the location is traced within a few meters around the world.